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  • Produce photorealistic renderings in seconds – not hours or days
  • Learn Design Pro in minutes – not days or months
  • Project Canvas: Designer/client workspace for collaboration
  • Edit: Select specific areas of your image for AI transformation
  • Style Lock: Use a Pinterest/reference photo to render your visual
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AI with Hauska

At Hauska, we empower Design Professionals with AI, not build AI to replace Design Professionals.
Discover how AI can transform your design practice through our video and webinar resources. Learn from industry experts about the latest AI tools and techniques that can elevate your workflow. Visit our resources pages to access videos, webinars, events, guides, and more.

Strategic partners

With a shared vision to empower design professionals, Hauska’s partnership with the AIBD is a perfect match. For exclusive AIBD member discounts and events visit AIBD.

Hear what users are saying:

"Five mins spent with Design Pro gives our prospects and clients a visual they understand very quickly. We give visuals away given the money we are saving from outsourced renders.  The Hauska team spent 1.5 hours with our team to learn the tool and use cases-- even pools!"
"This tool helps deliver a high-end experience at a more modest cost. It's mind-boggling the client's reaction to the visualizations and real-time collaboration. I really see how this is going to replace the old way of doing workflows, and I’m introducing this into my regular workflow."

John Coyle


"Looking at this more this morning, I love it! This would be something I would definitely show to a client."

Annilee Waterman Designs

Annilee B Waterman, RID, CPBD

"I enjoy using this tool, as it helps me see possibilities that I may not have considered. When I show my clients, they are amazed at the renderings that come out. This has been a great help in my business."

Dennis Fletcher, AIBD

Dennis Fletcher Design Studio, LLC

"I'm not real good with computer renderings and this is the first program that I actually tried and it did work for me."

Ted Hake, FAIBD

Hake Custom Design, LLC



Spend less time in the drawing phase, as our tools transform ideas into stunning visual representations in a fraction of the usual time. Say goodbye to long hours of manual sketching and hello to seamless, requirement-aligned digital creations.



Empower and protect your intellectual property with our cutting-edge AI model. In the digital era, securing your designs with us places you at the forefront of safeguarding vital IP rights, essential now more than ever.



Elevate your architectural practice through our streamlined marketplace, designed to simplify the sales and distribution of blueprints, enhancing passive income from your portfolio.


Accelerate your sales with our fast-track artistic rendering service. Cut down traditional deal-making time significantly. We offer quick turnaround on initial designs and revisions, transforming hours-long processes into efficient, high-quality artistic solutions that meet your customer needs.


AI models pose a significant risk of IP infringement by 'learning to design' through indiscriminate internet scraping. Legal battles over these violations can take years to resolve. Safeguard your intellectual property with our proactive solutions.


Streamline Your Blueprint Sales. Architects and builders often struggle to sell blueprints for passive income. Current marketplaces face low success due to poor UI, lack of design tool integration, and slow rendering for customer appeal. Additionally, manual sales transactions and record-keeping are time-intensive. Protect your blueprints from IP violations and theft with our efficient, user-friendly solution.

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Align contractor and client vision and enhance efficiency, satisfaction, and profitability. Hauska's groundbreaking generative Al tool is the answer.

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