Design Pro Bundle: Your Ultimate Visualization Solution

At Hauska, we empower Design Professionals with AI, not build AI to replace Design Professionals.

What’s included in the Design Pro bundle?

Design Pro

Create  Stunning Photorealistic Visualizations

Generate custom 3D visualizations from 2D plans or photos in under a minute, maintaining over 95% line integrity.

Customization Flexibility

Tailor visualizations to your vision with custom specifications, including style, color, and landscaping.

Real-time Collaboration & Engagement

Provide professional-grade visualizations to clients in real time to accelerate decision-making.  Enhance client understanding with visualizations for alternatives.

Streamlined Workflow

Accelerate deal closures by delivering high-quality visualizations promptly, enhancing client satisfaction and alignment.

Hauska Drive

Secure Collaboration

Enable secure collaboration among designers with decentralized storage, protected sharing, and customizable permissions, fostering smoother project workflows.

Scalable Reliability

Ensure uninterrupted access to critical design assets with a scalable and reliable storage solution, accommodating evolving project needs.

Protect Intellectual Property

Safeguard sensitive design files and intellectual property while enhancing collaboration through a protected sharing mechanism, maintaining control over access permissions.

Design Pro's Key Features

  • Visualizations in under a minute with greater than 95% line integrity with line drawings or images
  • Supports inputs of file types: .svg, .png, and .jpeg up to 5,000 by 5,000 pixels.
  • Creates output visualization file type(s): .png
  • Download directly to Hauska Drive
  • Custom specifications: further align rendering capabilities with your vision. Custom prompting may include style, color, landscaping specifications, and more.
  • Bundled with DesignPro.
  • Secure cloud storage giving you access to your files anywhere you go.
  • Enables collaboration of visualizations and other files by providing a Share File link that provides read access to the file in 30 day increments.